Architectural Overflow will help you make your dream home uniquely yours. We can customize any of our own pre-drawn plans, as well as most pre-drawn plans available for purchase on publisher's websites. Home plan modifications are an easy and cost effective way for you to personalize your home. Our design team will customize any house plan to suit your budget, lifestyle, or design preferences, while maintaining the integrity of the original design. The design team is here to answer your questions and to assist you through the architectural design process.

Outline of the Design Process:

  • Choose a plan.
  • Submit the plan name, number, and source of the plan.
  • Submit a list and/or description of the changes and requirements you would like to make.
  • Receive a quote from Architectural Overflow to update/modify the drawings.
  • Accept the project agreement and make a down payment.
  • Collaborate with our design team to update the drawings as the project moves forward in the pipeline.
  • Approve the final drawings and close the project.

Receive a FREE, no-obligation quote today by filling out the form below. After submitting your proposal, our design team will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Quote Form:

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Examples may include: Additional bedroom or bathroom, garage, changing foundation type, larger patio, adapting plan to meet local building codes, etc.