At Architectural Overflow, LLC, we take pride in showcasing the collaborative forces behind our architecture firm's creative vision. Get to know our partnerships below.

Who Do We Work With?

 From cabins and cottages to elegant manors, Southern Living offers a wide array of house plans for discerning homeowners. Southern Living House Plans presents over 1,300 distinctive home designs meticulously crafted by renowned residential architects and designers. Each design embodies the latest architectural concepts, interior design trends, and enhanced livability, creating a harmonious blend of lifestyle, sense of place, and connection to the surrounding environment.

Architectural Overflow, LLC, a trusted partner of Southern Living House Plans for more than a decade, collaborates closely with their esteemed collection. Our team of skilled designers is dedicated to customizing any plan to align perfectly with your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences while preserving the essence of the original design. Whether you desire additional bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, or wish to modify the foundation type, our  firm is committed to guiding you through a seamless and creative design process.

Originally from New Orleans, Mike was heavily influenced by the architecture of the French Quarter and Creole New Orleans. Mike began Thompson Placemaking in 2015 and now specializes in authentic southern architecture, Traditional Neighborhood Design, architecture pattern books, small mixed-use and residential design.  He currently serves as Town Architect for The Village at Madison in Madison MS, Annafeld in Billings, MT, Adelaide in Starkville and The Lamar in Oxford.

Architectural Overflow, LLC works with Thompson Placemaking on a variety of project types by providing scalable production services

John Tee, a licensed architect with affiliations to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Institute of Classical Architects (ICA), Center for Palladian Studies in America (CPSA), and the Marine Corps & Law Enforcement Association, established his architecture firm in 1985. He specializes in a wide range of architectural services, including residential architecture, custom home design, developer products, pattern designs, and construction management.

His primary goal is to offer clients personalized design solutions that beautifully capture the essence of the region, boasting timeless styling and efficient planning.  Architectural Overflow, LLC provides customization services and custom designs for John's entire collection of homes, which can be viewed on his website at

Our Town Plans is a leading provider of historically inspired home plans and ancillary buildings, catering to developers, builders, and individuals alike. Several homes in our collection were originally designed by Historical Concepts as prototypes for traditional neighborhood developments and featured as Idea Houses in prestigious magazines, sparking substantial national demand.

To enhance our commitment to pre-designed plans, Architectural Overflow, LLC has partnered with Our Town Plans. We specialize in customizing these plans to perfectly align with your unique needs, requirements, and desires.

For nearly 50 years, Southern Living has been the foremost source of inspiration for the region, showcasing the finest ideas and celebrating the positive aspects of life in the South. Southern Living Inspired Communities stands as a curated collection of charming, tasteful, and spirited neighborhoods. Each hand-picked community exudes a strong sense of pride and fosters the development of new Southern living traditions.

Architectural Overflow, LLC collaborates closely with Southern Living Inspired Communities to craft neighborhoods that embody the true essence of the South, reflecting its unique character and charm.

 Architectural Overflow, LLC proudly collaborates with the prestigious Southern Living Custom Builder Program, which comprises a select network of over 80 esteemed custom home builders across the South. This exclusive, invitation-only program meticulously handpicks builders renowned for their exemplary craftsmanship, dedication to customer service, financial reliability, and utilization of high-quality building materials in their homes.

As an architecture firm partnered with Southern Living Custom Builder Program, Architectural Overflow, LLC excels in the art of plan customization. Our team of highly skilled designers is devoted to transforming your dream home into a distinctive reality, tailoring any plan to perfectly match your vision and preferences.

With over 20 years of design experience, Ron Brenner Architects provides top-notch professional architectural services to residential and commercial clients nationwide. Their core focus is crafting the foundational elements of communities, creating functional and inspiring spaces for living, working, playing, and visiting. As a small firm, Ron Brenner Architects is committed to delivering the utmost personalized service. However, they also possess the expertise, capabilities, and resources comparable to larger architectural firms.

In collaboration with Ron Brenner, Architectural Overflow, LLC offers customizations for pre-drawn house plans and provides support for CAD and BIM services, catering to their diverse clientele.

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